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Santa's Elves
Ready for a Jolly Time
Welcoming Our New Artist, EcchiZen
Good Morning Ami-chan
Rei and Makoto
Kotono Sarashina
Sailor Star Healer

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For all Members, this post is an official announcement of the changes that is going to happen for all pixxx sites. This shall also clarify some news that was circulating few months ago. We didn't had the time to announce this due to the holidays but we hope this will clear some things Non-Members can no longer post comments / rate. - Let's keep the site clean and BS free please. We all don't deserve the negativity that's been posted on all pixxx sites. Each pixxx sites can request from different artists. Some pixxsites doesn't list some artists (For example: Onepiecepixxx - it doesn't have Joe) as they still prefer their native pixxx sites. Fresh list for 2016 - we have deleted old requests and start a clean list this late January 2016. There's so much piled list from the old and it's time to reset it. (the account name lock was a big help for the aritsts from the time we implemented it) News about artists leaving, unpaid and all the false news that has been circulating - these are untrue. From time to time, artists do get unappreciated by negative comments and they shower their frustrations to other channels (to all haters - being an artist is not an easy task - draw one and you'll see). All artists are still active as of to date on scheduled postings to different pixxx sites. An example of their schedule shows like this: Aidan 1st week - Fairy Tail 2nd week - Sailor Moon 3rd week - Bleach 4th week - Fanpixxx We have not posted an official news on this as we were testing its changes but today, we'll make it official. Ferds and Darwin on the other hand are currently busy doing art assets (animation and stills) for an RPG game in which Hkey will release soon. Characters and sample NPC's will be posted as a teaser. Slot system for artists - this is a new feature we'll be testing soon. Migrating the pixxx sites to a new CMS is a big work and it's not an easy decision. It will take time but there will be new things for this year to watch out. Thank you /Admin

Naughty Task For Ikuko
Daily Milk Time!
Don't tell Usagi
Look Ma! No Hands!!
Quick Sex in the Park
Santa's Lil' helper
Naughty List
XXX-Mas Wishlist
Party Animal
Tricking The Officer
Demande may cry
Xena x Gabrielle
To Love Hotaru
Chibi future Diary (Mirai Nikki)
Behind Gryffin-doors



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