Happy Birthday Seiya Kou !!! ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ

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0717-Happy Birthday seiya
This one done like two weeks in advance and Lexus and I came up with the Idea of birthday pic, in my case, maybe just the sailor Scouts and those Star warriors, Anyway! I intended Seiya have small boobs cause I haven't really drawn someone here with small boobies, I think I did one with Chibiusa, but she's always facing back whenever I drew her.
  Anyway! About the fiasco going on in the site I just want to say I'm sorry, that I offended some of you, but attacking other members need to stop, trolling or not. Let us use the comment section, to criticize the art/ to inquire/ to be friendly with others, we all seen Lexus long ass post about it right? Same goes here in SMpixxx. I have anxiety, I am not fit to sort out comments and request, in fact I struggle with it, the only thing that made me qualify for this job is that I can draw and willing to draw porn and other than that I'm pretty f*ckin useless. Same reason I started removing some comments that could start a drama.
  @Eva-013-  you may or may not be the usual troll Eva-# / all other username he used (aka nick ) we encountered, because your IP has been consistent until April and your comment is not attacking anyone recently..   I appreciate the warnings and all but leave it to us, we have the  IP and email recorded, we may be silent about this but we know what we're doing.
  @Mewtwo - I'm thankful for defending me from trolls, I'm sorry I have to remove some of your comment it's not nice of me but I have to, I don't want any fights in this site, if you have to leave, it's unfortunate for us but you do what you must.
  @UzumakiFan - I like you, you're funny but you got to stop adding fuel to the fire
  Everything has been said and done, I will still remove anything that might spark fights, because it's not healthy for me and to others.
about the identity incident, let's all move on from that, we have those kind of cases going on recently so we are careful when this happens, we have records of member's IP and email, anyone who claims to be the other person but unable to answer a simple question is a fraud from what he/she claims to be, no exception. So we appreciate the people who doesn't change their IP, I love you guys! you know who you are :) .. also, we will raise our suspicion when member change their IP, so better not do so
I feel I need to thank members who continues to praised/ criticized my work that helped me get this far (〃´・ω・`)ゝ .. so Thank you Aqua, Spike1941, zbober, Celto, urameshi, chiarramina and others I can't remember but thank you so much!
  When I first work in this site I really wanted a friendly Artist to Member relationship, and I'm still hoping for that. I don't need any negative vibes, so cheers! ahahaha sorry this post is so personal, I want you to know I love my job and  lets all cooperate