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I'm making this blog post so I can just link it to you whenever there's an inquiry (plus an excuse to draw manga style Pin-up for Sailor Moon lols)

BEFORE REQUESTING A PIC for Sailor Moon pixxx
  1. Keep in mind the request privilege is exclusively for premium members only and can send one through the suggestion box seen on the site's right column side. If you are unable to see that box then you are not a premium member, you can go here to join. But if you are a Premium member and still doesn't see that box, please drop a comment in any of our artwork regarding matter and we'll do something about it.
  2. You can send consecutive request. Yes we don't have a rule that this isn't allowed so go nuts. HOWEVER don't expect each picture to get drawn one after another, might have to wait a few days before getting your next request done again to give chance to other members. you don't have to change your IP/Nickname/email address, we will still do your request nonetheless since you're a premium member.
  3. For request that has long description (personally this is okay with me, some other artist may not feel up to it) Please try to divide your paragraph into parts, or keep it short and send away, otherwise, descriptions will be left blank upon receiving, but doncha worry, I make sure to notify you ahead.
  4. For sending reference pic for your request. Reference pic is helpful but please avoid giving us links to malicious/ infected sites because we can't enter them and if we do, it may take us a while to get your request done because we need to fix our computer first, maybe you can upload it in a different site or send us a different link. I'll also notify you if this happens.
  5. I will work on the request first come first serve basis, so I won't miss or skip request.
  6. Revisions are okay with me, as long as the requester ask the changes. I'll post the revised pics in every 6th and 21st of the month.
For anymore inquiries, please feel free to comment here or in any artwork in the site.
Rules We don't come up with these rules, this is the US law for hentai, we just follow them
  1. No children
  2. No bestiality, but beast that looks more like human is acceptable
  3. No tentacle
  4. No gore

  To Premium Members- Reminders In SailorMoon Pixxx, I'm allowing you to request different styles from the series:
  • The 90s version
  • The Sailor Moon Crystal Version
  • Or if you wanna go artsy fartsy with me go Manga cover version, honoring Naoko Takeuchi's style.
**Just don't forget to mention this in the request description otherwise Sailor Moon Crystal version will take place as default and revisions for changing styles is not allowed.
  1. Take note that request may take long depending on the description, even though long descriptions are okay with me, short ones are more helpful.
  2. HK Artists are not required to post on weekends and holidays, so let's appreciate the ones who does okay :)
  3. You can still enjoy the site even without requests since you can still gain access not only to Sailor Moon pixxx but to all pixxx sites in the Hentaikey, which allows you to download high quality images posted from your favorite artists and more.
This is yet again, another long ass post but hope you read them. Thank you for the continuous support! Comments and ratings are always appreciated  

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11 Responses

  1. Lemon says:

    Before to ask characters of the 90s version I’d love to see any pic to see how they will be looks with your style
    No offense but after your words “honestly I suck at drawing the older version, I’ll draw one for halloween to scare ya’ll lol” I have serious doubts to ask girls in the older version 90s from you

  2. EVA-013 says:

    Manga style is elegant in own way and have own sharm but the main reason why a lot people dislike Crystal design of characters is very similar to manga style and storyline has copied from manga and this is another reason why people don’t like Crystal

    • sailormoonpixxx says:

      yep this was the purpose of this blog post, I want to know what the members preferred version, so I’m letting you guys choose upon requesting. Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. HentaiFan says:

    Couple of weeks? I am waiting my request more than 2 months!

    • sailormoonpixxx says:

      to be fair, there are many requests that had come first before yours, and other members have been waiting for 2 months or so and atleast you had a request done unlike them and I don’t see them complaining, and yours is not even waiting for two months, and I didn’t even mention couple of weeks, I said days from the member’s other request “if they requested consecutively” while your request has a 1 month gap from your first one when I received them, giving enough time for other members to request so don’t wonder if yours is taking a bit long, it’s not like I’m updating 1 pic a week, and a quality pic also takes time you know, you rather have rubbish piece of art just to get yours done quickly, well I don’t

      • HentaiFan says:

        My first request was made on April 19. Two months ago exactly so to be fair that is a lot of time waiting to see my second request. And of course I want quality but two months is more than enough time Aidan.

        • sailormoonpixxx says:

          Sorry but the record here shows that I have received your second request 4th of May, it would’ve made sense if today is 4th of July that you declare that you have been waiting for more than 2 months. And why would you start you WAITING right AFTER your FIRST request was MADE?? you haven’t even sent a request right after that?. Your argument would be valid if your the only member here in Hentai key and IF I didn’t receive other requests, as I said before, I worked on requests as first come first serve basis, I am merely an artist here, it is not my problem if you’re impatient

          • HentaiFan says:

            I wrote my second request couple tmes after that and I can write my request again and again if you need. So considering you have your own rules here, how much longer I must wait to see my second request?

          • sailormoonpixxx says:

            I can show you a screenshot of the date I have received your request, it’s the 4th of May. I have my own rules yes, but it’s for the benefit of everyone that I will work on first come first serve so I won’t skipped or miss a member’s request and it would be fair for everyone, it’s not my fault I get so many requests. Like I said you’re not the only member here in hentai key so stop acting like you own everything.

  4. HentaiFan says:

    Thats why you edit pics instead make the requests? My request please Aidan is time.

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