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Requested by Hentaipixxxfan - I'm not gonna lie, this has probably the most complicated description  I have received for a request, not even sure if I got everything right here..took me a while to finish too, that's why a tend to work on other request in between. -PS.@Hentaipixxxfan I'm not sure if you included a title for this piece since I just notice the last part of your description has been cut off.

Reminders:  Before sending a request, please keep it short or divide it and send every 3 lines consecutively and use google chrome in submitting, otherwise your description will be cut off or it will be left blank... Thanks!
Edit: Tried to copy the reference pose but this is the closes thing I can come up with this angle. Hope this is alright
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  1. Hentaipixxxfan says:

    I appreciate Aidan you did a great work, i did sent a tittle but i forgot. You got it right except that suppose to be a guy fucking Jupter instead Moon fingering her ass and Mars legs suppose to be more to the left. Can you do this edit please? If is too much trouble for you to make these edits then at least move Mars legs more to the left and remove Moon’s hand from Jupter ass. Mars legs posed like this https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2f/aa/e3/2faae394189d442ff55414846cdbdc08.jpg. Just legs and please remove the shoes if you can them are not looking good. I feel this picture is asking for that camcorder effect can you make it?

    • sailormoonpixxx says:

      here’s a screenshot of your request, you didn’t mention any guy http://oi59.tinypic.com/15d99go.jpg
      and what do you mean you the heels doesn’t look good I worked so hard on it, well anyway, I will just create another version of this pic and I’ll see what I can do with your revisions

      • Hentaipixxxfan says:

        Thanks sorry for the trouble. I think is kinda unethical to show people’s screenshot requests man. If i’m not mistake did said that just didn’t show to you.

        • sailormoonpixxx says:

          nah it’s fine, and about the screenshot, well I do have trust issues myself so I tend to think other people will have the same with me

  2. spike1941 says:

    Wow, girls are really hot, great work man!

  3. EVA-013 says:

    Just facepalm. Absolutelly classic request from Eddy: High heels tan lines link and a lot of text to thoroughly and in detail describe every little things there. and now you gonna create another version of this pic specially for one very special member
    Let me guess all this troublesome requests with blank description have exactly the same list of details as this one
    EdwardnewgatePixxx in the air

    • Hentaipixxxfan says:

      Just letting you know this is a one and only reply you’ll ever see from me for this kind comments like yours. 1°- Before calling other people cheater show the prove it. 2°- Theres not only one person who like high heels, tan lines or POV and standing positions. 3°- You seems to be the only one who do not realize the artists on all pixxx sites are just ignoring trolling comments and keeping on their works. And the proof is clearly seen by the thumb downs and no reply for those comments.

      Besides no matter how hard you or anybody else try to get the artists to reject a few requests just because they got tan lines or high heels or whatever or because you are racist and don’t like someone this will not work because all artists KEEP doing the requests. Stop being such annoying asshole, only YOU do not enjoy the pictures and rather to troll than enjoy. All your comments except those you say ‘thanks’ when you get a request done is about ”Eddy this, Eddy that”. I don’t see anybody trolling or flaming or insulting you on your requests but i do see you and Hidan doing that at other people requests.

      • Hentaipixxxfan says:

        ” EVA-013 says:
        May 27, 2015 at 7:15 am http://narutopixxx.com/2015/05/26/assview-sen/#comments
        Dude you just call Eddy and blame everyone here which request you don’t like ?
        How I can see you have no idea who is a real Eddy his true tastes and preference and how he really working, aren’t you? ”

        How ironic i would say to you the same thing…

        • EVA-013 says:

          Honestly I never thought that you and Eddy is the same person till your request was shown here. By the way everytime when somebody attacking you Eddy than this person always have a problem low raiting so this is another proof of my theory or maybe you wanna say that many members will be in your side and they very happy to know that their requests must wait longer or even be ignored because artists must spend a lot time to fix and edit of every yours requests
          Funny but tell me how many of yours requests rex drew on Narutopixxx seems any one maybe because he is not so naive to believe in your poor fanfic “Theres not only one person who like high heels, tan lines or POV and standing positions There is a many members who have similar almost identical tastes and requests who comes by a whole group in some short time”
          You know if artist make choice to work with yours requests then it’s only his choice But I guess soon he’ll be get a one simple thing; Having deal with yours long requests caring about a ton details on every yours requests and then fixing and editing every your requests over and over will be cost him much more efforts and time than have deal with more simpler requests from others members And after this realisation he’ll be itself avoid and ignore yours request for own sake

  4. fuck u says:


  5. SapFire says:

    So Aidan You already second month have serious problems with update daily you are the most slower pixxx artist among all pixxxes and you decided to make edits/moderations on old pixxes and the same time you sacrificed the new updates and requests of others members for this ?
    I don’t think that all members here will be interesting have deal with site where exist so big problems with new updates where artist waste a lot time to work with old pics and they must wait to get the one request done so long like it Narutopixxx-2 but popularity of NPixxx among the members is whole different level than popularity SMPixxx
    Nothing personal but if you’ll be keep working in this way than you gonna lose a lot current members and get serious problems with others
    Just said

    • sailormoonpixxx says:

      and I just posted 5 pictures, more than enough to make up for my 4 Day absence, anything else?

    • fuck u says:

      eddy/hentaifan/hentaipixxfan/lexus1fan/the joker/don!!! things just didn’t go YOUR way this time so now you attack Aidan about his speed and consistency?Atleast Aidan catches up with his pin ups with excellent quality if ever he misses a day or two without a post, unlike some other pixxx artists i know.

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