Ami and Naru: starring in "Molest Study"

Both Ami and Naru (SM Crystal version) are in a train in their school uniforms. Ami (with glasses) is sitting with her back to a salaryman like that:, except the guy is holding her legs up and apart, as his cock is buried into her up to the balls. She has her panties around one knee, her top lifted and bra opened on the front, her right hand masturbating another guy sitting on her right, while her left hand holds an open math book at mouth level (showing just the upper part of her open mouth, the corners of her lips showing she's enjoying herself. In spite of that, and the huge blush she sports (and the few beads of sweat on her brow), her eyes don't lift from the book. In front of her, Naru is standing facing her, her top bend forward and holding with both hands on a handstrap (or whatever that hand hold thing is called) one leg held up by the guy fucking her ass (thong aside), her skirt rolled up to her waist her top and bra lifted up to free her bouncing breasts. Her face is flushed, her eyes tightly shut, and her mouth wide open in plasure, maybe with some spit. Next to them, a guy is filming the scene, one hand in a thumbs up. In the background, but inside the train, a completely unaware Usagi is babbling to a very interested Minako, while in the window can be seen some very shocked Nephrite and Berthier.

Artist : Rex

By Request: vld66613

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